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Who we are and What we do

Connected Pro Plumbing is able to install and supply all the plumbing needs such as solar hot water systems for all new residential houses. When the need arises we can work with the homeowner although we generally work directly with the builder.

For many years our team of qualified plumbers with high skills has been taking care of the requirements of any new home in Wollongong. Our company continues to offer advice on the most practical way to carry out the plumbing issues. From our product knowledge, you will realize that we are able to recommend the best companies and brands which you can use in fixing various plumbing problems in your home or company.

Our team of experts has been known to be punctual when you contact them. Our team is always prepared with equipment on standby so that when you call us we do not delay in reaching your place.

The Connected Pro Plumbing Process

For us to ensure that when you are working with Connected Pro Plumbing you do not have any stress, you get easy and quick services, we have simplified the process of installing and fitting a plumbing system on your new home with just Four simple steps.

Step 1: Quotation to the plans

We do not offer fixed price quotation for all the projects in a new home. To be able to know about your quotation you can contact us today so that you can send your plans, specification and any brochures for your new home. When we get these details we will analyze them and then send you a quote that is relevant to your details. The quote that we will give you is a fixed price and can only change in case the fixtures or plans are altered.

Step 2: Meet on site

In case you accept our quotation, we will organize on the day that we can meet with the builder and then homeowner so that we can study the various stages of the project and determine where every equipment will be located. We will also organize to meet again at the roughing stage so that we can confirm where all fixtures can be placed exactly. Sometimes we might have so many on-site meetings, depending on the size of the home so as to discuss the various areas of your new home.

Stage 3: Scheduling a starting date

Connected Pro Plumbing staff will organize the best start date of your project with a builder. We do pride ourselves on being flexible and punctual which means that we will be on the working site on the scheduled date. We are also aware that in some cases the project might be delayed due to unavoidable circumstance and the start date may be postponed. Our company is highly flexible in adjusting to these situations as we will always work with the plumber to schedule a new starting date.

Stage 4: Supply plumbing final

At this stage, we will have to organize a final inspection so as to offer the homeowner and the builder with a final certificate of completion from our council. Finally, in case you wish to know more about the plumbing services that we offer for the new homes or you wish to get a quotation for your upcoming project, you can contact Connected Pro Plumbing at any time of day on tel:0403-682-660

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