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Who we are and What we do

At Connected Pro Plumbing we have been working for many years on all commercial plumbing contracts for any type of industries that are based in Wollongong. We have been able to work both in the private and government sector in repairing, installing and maintaining all sizes and types of equipment. We have so many types of customers, for instance, retail outlets, hotels, factories, offices, and supermarkets.

Our company has an experience of many years when it comes to servicing industrial, strata and commercial clients from the metropolitan area of Sydney and Wollongong which includes the Inner West, Eastern Suburbs, North Sydney and the Sydney CBD. We do not aim at offering our clients faster plumbing solutions instead we aim in coming up with a maintenance system for the plumbing problems that you may have which will make sure that your plumbing systems stay longer so that you are able to save a lot of money on the long- run. We do offer a reliable, efficient and faster service to the commercial businesses to make sure that their businesses are running smoothing without any inconvenience.

We have highly trained technicians who have the skills to analyze, fix and maintain any plumbing issues that your company may be facing. Also with our company, you will get 24/7 emergency phone number and detailed invoicing, this ensures that you are able to access our services at any time of day that you may need them. Our company employs only qualified gasfitters, drainers, insured, accredited and licensed plumbers who will be able to take care of the strata, industrial and plumbing needs of the residents of Wollongong. We do have all the workplace safety and health certificates and insurance cover for any job site that may pose any potential danger.

We at Connected Pro Plumbing promises to give our clients reliable services, affordable rates and high level of convenience since the commercial buildings in Wollongong are different, therefore they require an expert like ours.

We do offer our clients everything that any best business may need such as:

CCTV inspection
Our experts have the ability to install special cameras in the pipes so as to offer detailed inspection which allows them to recommend the solution to any problem that you may be facing.

Jet Blasting
Cold and hot water jet blasting has been one of the most effective and fastest ways you can be able to clear your blocked pipes for you to carry the business activity in a normal way. This is the reason why Connected Pro Plumbing company has acquired jet blasters in different sizes to deal with any situation.

Strata plumbing
We are experienced in offering solutions in strata plumbing cases such as sewer lines, blocked stack work and detecting leaks. We also have a response team who will attend to any emergency cases that may arise when we are out of office.

Industrial plumbing
We do offer so many plumbing services and solutions to assist in solving any problem that you face in your industry.

Valve testing and replacement
We have skilled technicians who are able to use specialized equipment so as they service all thermostatic mixing valves and backflow prevention valves.

Hot water systems
Our plumbers are trained in dealing with all cases that involve replacing and repairing any hot water systems in your company that may be faulty.

Roofing and metal
Connected Pro Plumbing has experienced and highly qualified plumbers who deal with metal roofing cases. These experts can replace and service all colorbond and metal roofing such as downpipes and gutters.

Gas services
It is high time that you save your money and time by having a qualified technician from Connected Pro Plumbing so that he/she can install and repair your gas system at work or your home.

Connected Pro Plumbing is the best company you can ever contact for your plumbing issues. If you have any issues do not hesitate to call us today any time of the day on tel:0403-682-660

Get the professional, friendly advice & service today!

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