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Who we are and What we do

A plumber is a true expert when it comes to various santiative facilities, such as the shower, sink or toilet.

General plumbing work in Sydney & surrounding area

Our services in matters of plumbing work:

  • General plumbing activities
  • Repairs of any kind
  • Professional waterproofing

We offer general plumbing work. If you are not sure whether your request falls under drain cleaning or sewer inspection, please contact us and we will immediately find the right contact person for your request. You need a plumber emergency service? We are quickly and reliably available throughout Sydney and surroundings for you.

Further services from us:

  • Eliminate drain cleaning & drain plugging
  • Gas and water installations
  • Repair ongoing toilet flush
  • Eliminate water damage
  • Replacing faucets
  • Maintenance and maintenance contracts for sanitary facilities, heaters (gas, oil)
  • heating equipment
  • Heating repair & heating rehabilitation
  • Sewer inspection , sewer cleaning and sewer rehabilitation
  • Remedy with drilled water pipe
  • Pipe cleaning , pipe rehabilitation & elimination of pipe blockage
  • Remedy for pipe breakage
  • Install and replace the bathtub

Plumber tips from the specialist

Light drainage clogging in the kitchen and bathroom, running toilet flushing or dripping faucets are among the most common problems that emerge in the sanitary area. The following tips are designed to help you eliminate minor damage to your home.

What to do if the toilet runs after?
A very common problem: the toilet is running. If such damage is not resolved, then this can be an expensive undertaking. Countless liters of water land so unused in the channel. To prevent this, the cause of the problem should be identified. Often the float in the cistern is broken. If this is the case, the swimmer can no longer regulate the water exactly and it runs continuously. So it is not necessary to replace the entire toilet cistern, but only the float. However, it is important to make sure that the float also fits the cistern, because depending on the brand, these often differ greatly from each other.

What to do if the tap drips?
The cause of a dripping faucet is often lime. Try for the time being with a decalcification of the valve. If this does not have the desired effect, then the seal will be damaged or porous and must be replaced. We would like to help you.

What to do if the water in the shower is not working properly?
If the shower drain is blocked, this is often due to hair and lint that have run into the drain. Gradually, deposits form in the drain, obstructing the flow of water as the pipes are narrowed. If there are still hairs and the like hanging in the pipes, the flow is impeded even more. If the blockage is close to the drain, a suction cup can help. However, if the blockage is stuck deep in the pipe, you should arrange a pipe cleaning. So you can be sure that the pipes are not damaged and that the water can drain away easily. If you use chemical cleaners instead, you could cause damage to the piping as it will have a corrosive effect.

If you have a similar or even unidentifiable problem in your sanitary facilities, please do not hesitate to call our plumbers emergency service.

To make sure everything works perfectly for you, we help you quickly and reliably. Give us a call!
Even in emergencies! We look forward to your inquiry!

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