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Do you service your backflow prevention valves regularly? Right, don’t worry. Here at Wollongong, we’re determined to solve all your problems regarding water connections and other plumbing related problems.

In some certain scenarios, water may flow in opposite direction from premises back to the main in case there’s pressure indifference in the water supply. This can arguably result in contaminated water, or even drawing back of unclean water into domestic water supply thus causing people to get as a result of drinking the contaminated water.

The water we receive on our premises goes through cleansing process thus making it safe for human consumption. However, there exist some scenarios that may lead this water to be contaminated.

Among Common causes include:

  • Garbage area where a horse is generally used to wash out bins.
  • Bays designed for car washing
  • Kitchen sinks with a retractable handpiece are capable of sitting in a full sink of water.
  • In swimming pool locations where a horse can reach the pool.
  • A house located in a place where can easily reach into a grease trap.
  • Showers and bathtubs, where water outlet has an extension that can be submerged. Most probably extension hoses connecting onto the bath spout.
  • Handheld toilet sprayer as well as the chemical plant.

Naming few, all the outlined above scenarios are some of the causes of water to flow back into a water system thus contaminating water that may be used for domestic use.

If there is no adequate measure taken in time, water backflow poses a big risk to you, your family as well as people in your neighborhood. By consuming this contaminated water may result in becoming ill to various dangerous diseases.

However, don’t panic. Typically, backflow happens as a result of siphonage or back pressure. Siphonages mostly occurs in scenarios where there is a built of up pressure at a certain source, greater than the pressure found in pressure. Back pressure is a situation whereby water is forced to flow back. All these situations, there are various devices that can be fitted at the boundary of your property and if you’re at commercial premises you can generally protect other locations of the property.

Back Flow Prevention Methods

There are various different methods to prevent backflow. In case you have backflow at your premises, call us or fill the request form and we will contact you do some testing come up with a solution to your backflow problem. Here are popular methods we use to fix backflow.

  • Hose Bib Backflow Preventer
    This device is used to protect only a single water outlet like kitchen sink faucet when used in residential plumbing. Within the compact assembly, this device is used to ensure water pressure goes in one direction.
  • Pressure Type Vacuum Breaker
    This device is installed in the pipe that is supplying water to home’s sprinkler system. It’s responsible for monitoring water pressure in the system. Additionally, a valve is used to close when it’s necessary to prevent backflow in the water supply.
  • Barometric Loop
    This is another simple method of backflow prevention. This loop is made up of pipes with a shape resembling an inverted U, which goes upstream across a connecting pipe. This method works perfectly if there’s no back pressure.
  • An Air Gap
    This is a simple method of backflow prevention. This is done by creating an air gap just below the water outlet as well as the right above the top water level in the appliance. It’s commonly used with sinks. An air gap ensures contaminated water can never be drawn back to the water supply.
  • Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Preventer
    This is one of most complex backflow prevention devices. It has a central chamber with two valves each on one side. After pressure stops, each valve closes. This help in preventing water from backing up.


Is water backflow becoming a menace in your everyday activities? We’re here for you. We will offer you all plumbing related services at friendly charges. Don’t let you and your beautiful family fall ill due to drinking contaminated water as a result of backflow. Call us or fill quote request form and we’ll attend you soonest possible.

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